Ayatollah Yazdi had a house from Dar Duniya

Ayatollah Yazdi of Dar Dunya had a house that he also dedicated

Ayatollah Seyed Hashem Hosseini Bushehri tonight at the funeral ceremony and commemoration of the death of Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, the late head of the seminary community of Qom, which was held virtually in the shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh (PBUH), mentioning that he was deprived of a pious and responsible personality. Bode said: The Supreme Leader’s condolence announcement regarding him, who said, “He had firm faith in the principles of the revolution and perseverance in this way, and had religious and revolutionary zeal” is a sign in every sense.
The secretary of the Supreme Council of Seminaries added: In the formation of human personality, various elements play a role, each of which can express the personality of that person. Both hadiths and the Holy Qur’an presented indicators for such perfected people, which if we review the life of these characters and some of their characteristics, it is indicative of their character.

He said: The Quran relies on the issue of science, knowledge, insight, awareness, jihad, struggle and steadfastness of steps, who will stay in the field from the beginning to the end and who will leave the stage in the middle and beginning of the journey.
Ayatollah Hosseini Bushehri, referring to the fact that the Quran has spoken about science and the scholar in 80 places, said: The Quran has stated one of the ranks of believers according to their knowledge. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that scholars are the impregnable fortresses of Islam.

He said: The elders of our religion said that jurisprudence is the comprehensive understanding of rulings and morals, as well as many beliefs and convictions, because jurisprudence is the key to insight and knowledge. Learning jurisprudence is all worship.

The secretary of the Supreme Council of the Hozha said: Imam Reza (a.s.) said that a jurist is someone whose goodness reaches the people, and our great scholars have this characteristic. Scholars are the guardians of Islamic borders, and whenever they sense deviation from the divine guidance and straight path, religious scholars shout and warn.

The vice president of seminary teachers’ society said: The late Ayatollah Yazdi was dynamic and active in preserving religion both before and after the revolution. He always warned against any influence in religion and cultural issues in the country in his conversations with scholars, professors and students.
Referring to the value and position of Jihad, he said: Many people may fight, but their seriousness and efforts are wasted. This Jihad has a wide meaning that the Holy Quran refers to. Ayatollah Yazdi fought jihad with his own soul and was a jihadist against the enemy. Both before and after the revolution.
Imam Juma of Qom said: He was a scholar who had a position and played a role. He was also very active in the field of social services. When he entered Qom seminary from Isfahan seminary and got to know Imam (RA), he stood on Imam’s path until the end. He used to say that Imam Rahel used to start the academic year with a lesson on ethics and the end of the lesson was also with ethics, and the students in his lesson would cry because of the appeal of the topics.

He stated: Ayatollah Yazdi suffered the imprisonment and punishments of the enemy and the displacement of himself and his children. In such a way that his children spent their lessons in exile, and sometimes his wife did not hear from him, because they were arrested and taken away, and she had to go to SAVAK to find out if he was alive.
He said: He remained on the path of the Imam and his revolution in severe economic hardships, Ayatollah Yazdi proved how far he adhered to values. That wise scholar had permission to ijtihad from Imam Rahel and had nearly 100 books.

Ayatollah Hosseini Bushehri said: He had very interesting books in various scientific, cultural and historical fields. He wrote a book entitled “Knowing Hussein Ibn Ali (AS) better” at a time when no one dared to do such a thing. This book became rare and was the subject of Savak’s anger because it made a comparison between Imam Hussein (a.s.) and his time.
This professor stated: Ayatollah Yazdi was the head of the Judiciary for two terms and was a member of the Islamic Council, a member of the Guardian Council and the head of the teachers’ society, etc. Each of these responsibilities requires a very strong and powerful person. Ayatollah Yazdi was the head of the board of trustees of Mahdiyeh in Tehran, which is the base of Mahdi Yaoran and Mahdi Bawaran. The people of Qom knew this character because of his historical speeches. The trustees of the city and the people trusted him and referred to him in times of revolution. He was a concerned person and believed in the issues of the revolution.

The secretary of the Supreme Council of Seminaries said: Ayatollah Yazdi was always worried that the enemy infiltrators would confiscate all the efforts that had been made for the revolution.
He said: We should appreciate our role models. Ayatollah Yazdi was a character who is a perfect role model for today’s generation in our area. If we don’t know our patterns and don’t follow the path of our patterns, we are lost.

Ayatollah Hosseini Bushehri added: This square is Astaght Square. Along with the imam and leadership, it is very important to live a simple life. Because these authorities never removed him from the position of a student and this is a sign of the greatness of a human being. He said that these days come and go, but one should be firm in the way of God. He has dedicated his house and book to the field. His wife also dedicated three dongs of her house to the mosque

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