The meeting of the representatives of the high complex of Tarbiat Mujtahed, the director of Qom, with Ayatollah Gharavi Damat Barakateh

The meeting of the representatives of the complex with Ayatollah Gharavi (damat blessed)

Hazrat Ayatollah Gharavi Damet Barakate, while thanking the hard work and efforts of the management of the High Complex for the Training of Mujtahed Managers in Qom, expressed a few points about the training of Mujtahed Managers.

He stated that it is the duty of students to learn seminary sciences and expertise in different fields. He further pointed out that the students should not enter the country’s administration until they are at a high academic level, because if they fail, they will not only harm the clergy but also the system.

Hazrat Ayatollah Gharavi considered it the duty of everyone to preserve the system, and all efforts should be made to preserve and strengthen it. He said that it is necessary to have different specialized fields, but people with a strong scientific background should be identified and admitted.

Clip of the speech of Hazrat Ayatollah Gharavi Damat Barakate

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