The manager of Mohammadieh Complex in Qom was introduced

Constituency / With the presence of the Board of Trustees of Mohammadiyeh Complex in Qom, Hojjatoleslam Abdollahi was introduced as the director of this complex.

According to the correspondent of Hawza News Agency, Ayatollah A’rafi expressed his hope at the meeting of the board of trustees of the Mohammadiyah Complex: “These days, which belong to the great prophet, the Holy Prophet (PBUH), will be a blessing for everyone.”

In another part of his speech, while referring to the introduction of the director of Mohammadiyeh Complex, he emphasized the need to pay attention and use the experiences and views of elites.

Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Ismail Abdullahi, the new director of Mohammadiyeh Complex, while praising the members of the board of trustees of this complex, considered the establishment of this complex as a great and exemplary move in seminaries and said: It is Islamic.
He further pointed to the improvement of the building and the accuracy of the heating and cooling system of the complex and reminded: the educational system and scientific program of specialized schools need sound upstream documents and a comprehensive roadmap. Will be presented.

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